Melina Mehr is a multi-disciplinary creator currently based in Toronto. She is a museum professional, film photographer, web developer, and writer, whose work focuses on cultural lineage, transgenerational memory, and storytelling. In both her professional and personal pursuits, she works towards creating environments a little more open and kind, representing marginalized communities with resilience and nobility. Her side projects include: running a DIY zine press, freelance curatorial research and community programming, and (very) slowly acquiring her private pilot license. Portrait by Rachel Kirstein.


Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition (Curator, Interpretive Planner)
Art Museum at the University of Toronto, 2019

invisibilities zine, Print Publication (Founder)
Launched October 16, 2018

This Is Our Place, Dance Residency (Curatorial Team)
I/O Movement with The Bentway, 2018

Showcasing the Teaching Collection (Curator, Interpretive Planner)
Textile Museum of Canada, 2018

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